Optima, the website optimizer, has found a new target

Optima, the website optimizer, has found a new target

Optima has found another new target in Australia.

The Australian government has agreed to a $3 million deal with the company, with which it has an estimated 25 per cent share.

In an interview with The Age, Optima chief executive Chris Wainwright said the deal was significant because it was the first time a government had agreed to pay for a website optimiser.

“I’m really excited about this because this is really a new thing for us,” Mr Wain Wright said.

Mr Wains Wright said the partnership would allow the company to invest in more sophisticated ways to improve its performance, while still providing users with a better experience.

He said the company was focused on building a solution that was more robust, scalable and trustworthy, and was designed to allow the government to provide better value to taxpayers.

“We think this is going to deliver a really exciting future for Australians,” he said.

The company said the new deal could boost its revenue by $1.5 million per year, and bring it to $4 million per annum.

Mr Wright said he was looking forward to the next phase of the partnership.

“This is great news for our business and great news to our customers,” he told The Age.

Mr Wong said the government had made significant investments in the industry over the past decade.

“It’s important to look at the value that we provide, the value we’re creating for our users,” he added.

The government has spent $3.5 billion on improving its infrastructure over the last 10 years.

Mr Turnbull said the decision to sign up to the new partnership was a “good move for the Australian public”.

He said he believed the new technology would help improve the way Australians managed their personal information, while also creating a new industry.

“Australians should know that when they use a website that we’re confident it will work properly,” he explained.

“If a user does something on the site, they will get the best of both worlds.”

The government said it would ensure that the company’s customers would receive a fair and impartial price for their services.

The agreement will be reviewed by the Competition and Consumer Commission before it is finalised.

Mr Truss said the Government’s approach to online privacy and security was “in line with other developed nations”.

“It also demonstrates that we value Australians’ privacy and that we are taking strong action to protect the interests of our citizens,” he noted.

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