Why Apple’s new iPhone 6 is so good for you

Why Apple’s new iPhone 6 is so good for you

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are two of Apple’s most exciting and well-received products in a long time, and the company’s latest product announcement is one of the best Apple has made in years.

Apple has confirmed that it’s rolling out the new iPhone to its existing customers at a faster rate than ever before, and its first shipment of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7s has now started rolling out to some of the biggest smartphone retailers in the U.S.

The launch of the new iPhones is only the latest move Apple has taken to get people to buy more Apple products, but it’s one of a slew of new and exciting changes the company is making in an effort to grow its business in a world where more people are increasingly demanding and demanding more things.

Apple is not the only company to make big changes to its product lineup in recent years.

Microsoft recently launched a new, more affordable version of its Surface tablets that feature a more powerful processor, the new Surface Book, a new version of the iPod touch, and more.

The iPad, the tablet that launched in 2011, is also getting some significant updates.

The new iPad Pro has a larger display, better cameras, and new battery life, while Apple has introduced a new iPad Air with a Retina display and a new Pencil stylus.

The company’s new products are all designed to deliver a higher level of quality than the previous generation.

The iPhone is the companys first new phone in years that comes with an edge-to-edge screen, a thinner and lighter design, a better camera, and an all-new battery that’s up to 50 percent smaller.

The new iPhones are also thinner than ever, thanks to a new glass layer that covers the screen.

That glass layer is designed to make the phones more durable, and it also helps the phones hold a charge for longer.

The phones are also faster and more powerful, thanks in part to faster processors.

Apple also unveiled a new app for its Apple Music service, a way for users to pay for songs and albums in the app, as well as support for more than 100 new music streaming services.

Apple’s music streaming service will be available on both the iPhone and iPad, as will the companyís upcoming Apple TV streaming device.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are the only iPhones to come with a headphone jack, and they’re also the only iPhone to have a Lightning port for connecting other accessories.

Apple also launched a wireless charging port on the new devices that can charge any phone using just a USB-C cable.

Appleís iPhones are designed to be a good deal for Apple, with a new price point and higher-quality models available for just $649.

The company also made a big deal about its $10 discount on its new iPhones, and you can use the discount to get one of two new iPhone 7 Plus models for $749.

While there are still plenty of major changes coming for Apple in 2017, there are a lot of things the company has to focus on now.

The Apple Watch is still in its early days, and a few things remain unannounced.

Apple has also announced some big changes for Apple Music and its iPhone app, but Apple will likely be the only major company that makes those changes publicly in the near future.

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