Netanyahu’s speech at US, Israeli conference hits the right note

Netanyahu’s speech at US, Israeli conference hits the right note

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech on Wednesday at the United States and Israel’s annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a key player in American policy toward the Middle East.

The speech was the first by a prime minister at a major American conference for several years and came at a time of increased tensions between the US and Israel.

Netanyahu and AIPAC officials will meet in Washington this week for the annual AIPac Conference on International Security.

In his address, Netanyahu said that the time had come for a new era of peace and prosperity, the beginning of a new age of trust and mutual understanding, and a new generation of peace, security and prosperity.

Netanyahus, who is the head of the governing coalition, made clear that the next phase of US-Israel relations was one of “peace, prosperity and a more democratic Israel.”

The prime minister said that Israel will continue to seek a comprehensive and comprehensive peace with the Palestinians and the Arabs, and to ensure that the United Nations will continue its role in the process.

“We have to recognize that this will take time, it will take effort,” Netanyahu said.

“And it will be hard, because it will require a huge commitment from both sides.”

Netanyahu, who has called for a Palestinian state, has also called for greater cooperation with Iran and Hezbollah, a terrorist group in Lebanon.AIPac’s annual conference, which is one of the world’s biggest, attracts the heads of more than 70 US political parties, including the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the Green Party.

It is one the largest annual conferences of the major American Jewish organizations.

The AIPACE annual meeting comes at a critical time for the US-Israeli relationship.

Netzach made clear in his speech that his administration is working to find ways to restart the peace process with the US, and is actively pursuing a new agreement with Iran.

He also said that in the past, the US had supported a number of Palestinian efforts to move forward on a two-state solution, and that there is no longer any need for any concessions to the Palestinians.

In an effort to bolster US- Israel ties, Netanyahu announced a new $1 billion arms sale to Israel in March.

Netanya said that this deal would help Israel develop the technology necessary to build its missile defense system.

It is the first time the US has formally pledged to provide weapons to a non-NATO country.

The US, Israel and the EU have been pressing the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table over their dispute over sovereignty over the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The prime minster also said he was determined to maintain the “historic” status quo, and expressed optimism that the talks would lead to a lasting peace.

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