How a Canadian startup is transforming the way people shop online with the help of Google and Bing

How a Canadian startup is transforming the way people shop online with the help of Google and Bing

The Globe and Mail article The article The publication says it has made some investments in its business, but is not disclosing the amount.

Google and Bing’s websites are part of a $9.4-billion ad-buying initiative launched in 2013.

In December, the Canadian government approved $7.8 billion for the program, which covers advertising, search and search results for websites, blogs and other online services.

The company has also partnered with the federal government to pay for the upkeep of Google.

The program has been used to expand search, help advertisers find and pay for targeted ads, and provide services such as advertising technology and analytics.

The government has spent $1.4 billion on the initiative so far.

Google said Thursday it was working with the government to ensure that the ads that appear on its platforms, including the popular Google News service, are not misleading.

It also said that it will not use ads for paid content on its websites that are made available by third parties.

The company says it is the first Canadian company to have its ads displayed on Google’s search results page.

It said that while some ads may be sponsored, Google does not pay for them and has not partnered with third parties to create or host those ads.

The Globe says it will continue to monitor Google’s ads to ensure they do not mislead consumers.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Google’s program, launched in 2014, has since expanded to more than 200 ad-serving platforms, most of them owned by the U.S. companies.

The ads are often displayed in search results and ads on Google-owned news sites.

The news sites and blogs are not required to disclose that Google’s advertisements are being displayed.

But they must be labeled as such in Google’s advertising policies.

Google says the ads on its services are “top-quality” and that Google has made “significant investment” in the ad-supported sites.

Google is also in talks with other Canadian ad-providers to improve their ads.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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