Is Facebook tracking you?

Is Facebook tracking you?

BuzzFeed News article Facebook is tracking you, but you may not be aware that Facebook is.

It has created a feature that allows users to opt-in to the program, which lets the company track their activities.

Facebook’s goal is to make information about you more valuable to advertisers and other companies that want to track you online.

But what does that mean?

The new tracking feature could be used to target you more aggressively than ever before, according to The New York Times, and could potentially have negative implications for your privacy.

The Times notes that users are able to opt out of Facebook’s tracking program and can opt-out in their profile page, which allows users the option to do this, but only after a 30-day period.

Users are also able to set privacy settings that block or block specific Facebook accounts.

If you do not wish to be tracked, however, you can opt out in a new “Privacy Settings” page, a menu that allows you to opt to opt in or opt out.

Users can also set a time limit for how long they wish to opt into the tracking, which could limit how much Facebook can track you for a period of time.

But, if you opt out, the company can still read all of your data, including your history, posts, likes, posts from friends, and search history.

Facebook also said that if you don’t want your data to be shared with third parties, you have to opt back into the program.

Users have until August 15 to opt their out.

Facebook is also adding a feature to its privacy settings page that allows the company to identify people who have already interacted with users, and to “unfriend” those people.

The feature is only available to people who are logged into Facebook, and is only activated for the first time once a person has been logged into the service.

The company said that it will share this information with law enforcement, and that it is using data from this tool to better understand its user base and better target advertisements to people it thinks are likely to engage in online behavior.

But some users say that they are concerned about how this will affect their privacy.

According to the New York Post, privacy experts say that Facebook’s new tracking system will allow the company and advertisers to track users who are already logged into its service.

However, Facebook’s data will be used in a way that is likely to reveal users’ political, religious, or racial identity, according the Post.

“This information will be sold to advertisers who want to target the most influential people in our society,” said Molly Schuessler, a senior fellow at the Center for Digital Democracy.

“That is going to happen regardless of whether you have opt-outs or not.

And this is where the issue becomes very troubling.

We should not be tracking our friends in the first place.”

What are your thoughts on Facebook tracking?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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