Conservative website that promotes conservative ideas,is owned by a gay couple

Conservative website that promotes conservative ideas,is owned by a gay couple

Conservatives have been clamoring for an alternative to Breitbart News, which they say has become the mouthpiece of a far-right wing, anti-immigration agenda.

The American Conservative, a conservative news site that promotes its ideas and principles with articles from its founder, is owned by two gay men who are married to the website’s editor, Matthew Boyle.

Their son, Caleb, a senior editor at the website, said he was thrilled to be partnered with his father-in-law to bring a conservative voice to the world of conservatives.

“We are really thrilled to partner with the American Conservative to bring our platform and our ideas to the conservative movement,” Caleb Boyle told ABC News.

“I think it’s important to point out that this is not a liberal news site, this is a conservative, pro-family site,” Boyle said.

“This is about protecting traditional marriage, defending religious liberty, and upholding our Constitution.”

In an email to ABC News, Boyle said the site is owned and operated by “two men who share the same values and values that make the conservative party great, and are excited to partner in the creation of a conservative website.”

The website has a wide array of conservative ideas including a proposal to abolish the Department of Education and end “unconstitutional school vouchers” for poor students.

“It’s very exciting to be able to provide these types of stories, and to be a part of that conversation, and it is really important to me to be in this space because I think the conservative agenda is just as important as the liberal agenda,” Boyle added.

The couple, who live in Georgia, said the couple has “no ideological opposition to the American conservative movement.”

“I am committed to the principles that our founders set out to uphold in the founding document, which is religious liberty and liberty of speech,” Boyle wrote in a blog post.

“Our founding document is about the Constitution, and the rights of Americans to have a voice in the governance of their own country.”ABC News’ Ryan Reilly contributed to this report.

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