How to Get Paid for a Website Optimization Website

How to Get Paid for a Website Optimization Website

Briscoe, the online classifieds company that has the highest traffic to its site, says it has a deal with a former Fiverr client that lets it charge a premium for its optimization efforts.

The company’s chief marketing officer, Steve Smith, said in an email to clients that the arrangement has been in place since last year, but that the company now has “more than 20 years of experience.”

He said the fee was “a great way to get people to go to our website.”

Smith added that the former Fiverser client’s optimization effort “has been helping us to build and expand our website” and that the fee “is in addition to the amount of our previous fees.”

“We have a very high traffic and we are paying this premium because it has been helping to build our business and make it more valuable to our clients,” Smith said.

The payment, he added, is “not a bonus” but “a very nice way to earn a few dollars in return.”

Smith did not elaborate on the amount the company is paying for the premium.

He declined to disclose the price of the deal, citing privacy concerns.

Briscoed, a division of the San Francisco-based online classified site Fiverrs, says that the partnership with Fiverrus is the largest it has ever had.

“This partnership will allow us to continue to deliver our services to our customers and customers to customers, and for the most part it has helped us grow our business,” Smith wrote.

“Our focus on quality and service is what has enabled us to do this so quickly, and we will continue to do so.”

Fiverris and other online classified service providers have been pushing websites for years to improve their optimization efforts and to make them more user-friendly.

“I’m a little worried about this new deal, because I’ve been a little bit skeptical,” Fiverro, a former client of Briscoes optimization efforts, told the Austin Business Journal.

“But I have faith in Fiverracs ability to do it, and I’ve tried a lot of things, and the ones that I’ve found work the best are those that we’ve used for the past 10 years.”

Smith said that he was not aware of any other Fiverran services, but added that Briscoers service has been “overall very effective.”

“This is an important part of our business model,” he wrote.

He added that he expects “great things” from Briscoer’s business in the future.

“We are very excited to work with them on future projects and look forward to seeing them on our platform in the near future.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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