Google and Amazon are teaming up to build a new website optimization tool that will allow you to optimize your website for Google and/or Amazon

Google and Amazon are teaming up to build a new website optimization tool that will allow you to optimize your website for Google and/or Amazon

Google and the Amazon Amazon Prime Video Platform are teamed up to create a new online website optimization service called “Websites Optimizer”.

The new tool will let you optimize your websites for Google or Amazon. 

While this new tool is not yet live yet, I am told that Google is currently testing the service and that it will be available to everyone soon.

Google is reportedly testing the Websites Optimiser, a new service that will let Google users optimize their websites for Amazon.

As I have noted previously, the AWS/Google partnership was a big reason that Google and Google Prime Video partnered up in the first place.

If this new service is a good fit for Google, I expect it will attract a lot of users as the new tool could potentially help Google and other search engines reach more users, including people who have already used Google and want to improve their search experience.

Amazon Prime Video is already a big player in online video.

In 2018, it spent over $100 million to acquire YouTube for $970 million.

The Amazon Prime subscription is a subscription that allows users to watch a large amount of free video content, including Amazon Prime Videos. 

The new service will allow Google users to do the same thing, but with a much bigger selection of content. 

According to the New York Times, the new service has been designed to let Google and YouTube users “find and view millions of videos each month on their own, while Amazon users will watch tens of millions of hours a month on its own.”

The NYT writes that the new product is “designed to help YouTube users find and view thousands of videos on YouTube each month, while users on Amazon Prime will watch millions of YouTube videos per month on Amazon.”

The NYT continues that Amazon Prime users will also be able to see what other video platforms are currently offering to Prime Video subscribers.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able watch videos on the new WebsitesOptimizer service on my own. 

So far, Google and Twitter have been testing the new website optimizer service, but the site has not yet been live.

If you want to get a look at the site, you can visit Google’s website here.

If you are a Google user, you might want to take advantage of the new Google Shopping App, which is a Chrome extension that lets you see how much you can save by shopping on Google.

The new website optimizing tool is also available for Chrome users.

If this new site optimization tool does come to life, I’m sure it will come with a number of new features.

The first of these is the ability to search for and view videos on Google and Netflix, which means you will probably be able better identify what videos you can watch.

If the new site optimizing tool does allow users to find and watch millions more videos than before, I think it will definitely be an upgrade over the previous tools. 

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