How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog to Help You Gain Advertisers

How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog to Help You Gain Advertisers

Optimizing your blog to gain more traffic, increase engagement and increase conversions is the number one goal of a blogger.

So how can you optimize your site for the best results?

We talked to Matthew Stiles, Marketing Manager at HHA, and explained the key elements that should be on your blog and how they can be adjusted to help you reach the maximum.1.

Make sure you’re targeting your audience.

HHA’s SEO team is the best in the industry and we know that the right keyword, the right landing page and the right headline are all crucial.2.

Set up a landing page for your site.

Hha SEO team recommends the landing page to be a landing tag that is relevant to your blog, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to use it everywhere.

For example, if you use the headline “Get the Best WordPress WordPress SEO Tools”, your blog should be able to link to it on every page.3.

Optimize your headline.

The headline on your landing page should have a few things going for it, like the name, the date and the time.

If you’re using a landing message, make sure you put the keyword at the top of the page and make sure the content on the page is relevant and relevant to the keyword.4.

Optimization your landing banner.

Haha SEO team suggests that you put a banner at the end of your landing message that reads, “Find Your Ideal WordPress SEO Tool for Free”.

It should say “Get WordPress SEO tools for free” or “Get an SEO service for free”.5.

Optimized your homepage.

Hahah SEO team also suggests that the homepage should have the words “Get SEO Tools for Free” or the words, “Get a free SEO service”.6.

Optimizing the sidebar.

You should be optimizing the sidebar of your blog as well.

Hahaha SEO recommends that you make sure that it is at the bottom of your main content area and is optimized for landing on a single page.7.

Optimizes the navigation on your site’s sidebar.

Hoho SEO says that you should use a navigation bar at the very bottom of the sidebar to show visitors that they can get more relevant information on your page.8.

Optimizations your header.

If your header has the keyword “Get Optimized WordPress SEO” or other similar keywords, your site should have an emphasis on the word “Get” in your header and that should also help your blog stand out.9.

Optimizers your footer.

If the footer of your website contains the keyword, “Adopt”, your footers should be optimized to have the keyword highlighted in it.10.

Optimizer your sidebar content.

HHa SEO team says that your sidebar should be full of content that your visitors can easily find and that includes content that shows that you’re not just talking about getting the best WordPress SEO tool for free.11.

OptimIZED YOUR HEADER CONTENT The most important element to optimize your header content is the headline.

Make it as long as possible, and make it readable.

You want to make sure it says something that is interesting and useful.

This should be the headline of your header that reads something like “Get Free SEO Tools” or something similar.12.

Optimizied your foot content.

The footer content should have some sort of content to help your visitors find the best resources on your website.13.

Optimise your sidebar header.

The sidebar header should contain content that makes your visitors want to click through to your website and learn more about your site and your competitors.14.


You can use your own words to describe your content and how you want it to be displayed.

We recommend using an appropriate font to help give your content a more professional feel.15.

Optimizable your text.

Use appropriate font and color for your text to help convey a sense of style and personality to your content.16.

Optimised your navigation.

If it has a header, sidebar, footer or a navigation sidebar, make it clear that you have a clear direction for visitors to find your website by pointing them to the appropriate page.17.

Optimified your header text.

HAhaha SEO suggests that when visitors see your header, they should be focused on the header.18.

Optimzed your sidebar navigation.

HHha SEO says you should make sure your sidebar is clear about the location of your site, that you are talking about the best SEO tool to get it for free, and that you can easily access your site with the help of the navigation sidebar.19.

Optimiser your navigation navigation.

Make your navigation sidebar as big as possible and include as many useful resources as possible to make it easy for visitors find your site easily.20.

Optimically Optimized Your HeadlineHaha SEO also recommends that your headline should contain something that tells people what you’re doing and what the product or service is

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