Google’s search algorithm could be in trouble due to ‘trends’

Google’s search algorithm could be in trouble due to ‘trends’

Google’s new algorithm, designed to combat fake news, is also being criticized as a tool that is being used to promote “trending” content.CNN Tech has been monitoring Google’s latest changes, and is warning users that the company is making a mistake by pushing its own content more heavily on the site.

The algorithm is called “Newsify” and has been the focus of controversy since the company unveiled it in February.

Critics have warned that it has become an echo chamber for biased news.CNNTech wrote: The new Newsify algorithm is designed to target and amplify content that has been written in an echo-chamber fashion.

It uses the same algorithms that are used by Google to rank news, and instead, uses an algorithm that uses more data and contextual analysis to filter out the biased content.

Google said it has begun rolling out the new algorithm on a trial basis.

However, it’s still not clear whether users will notice any changes in their news feed.CNN said the new approach was not designed to help the company’s search ranking or serve up personalized results.

The algorithm is still being tested on a small number of sites and is not being rolled out to all users yet.CNN also wrote that Google’s Newsify feature “has become a vehicle for biased and partisan news stories, such as stories that were written in the first week of the new year about the upcoming inauguration and were subsequently rebranded as ‘fake news.'”

The algorithm uses a variety of tools to rank articles, including how often they are shared on social media.

The new algorithm also uses “follower counts” to rank stories more prominently.

Google says the algorithm is being rolled back, but the newsfeeds are still showing “fake news” as a category on the newsstand.CNN says it also warns that the algorithm “tends to reward certain types of news stories,” which it calls “fake” or “fake-news.”CNNTech has written a separate article outlining the impact that Google is having on the future of its search engine.

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