When can we expect to hear about the future of beer?

When can we expect to hear about the future of beer?

The future of brewing has been talked about a lot lately, especially with the announcement that Founders will no longer be releasing its flagship beer, Founders Light, on tap.

But there’s also a very, very real possibility that we won’t see that beer on tap until 2018.

That’s the forecast made by a company called Optimization Preformance (PP), who say they are the future owners of the brewery.

They are the ones who will ultimately make the decision to start brewing again in 2018.

The company says that they are aiming for a 20% return on their investment.

They believe that by doing so, they will be able to pay back investors.

They also believe that they can build on the current portfolio of beers they already have, so that they will have enough cash to pay for more brewing and to continue the development of their business. 

In addition to their new brewery, Optimization is also hoping to bring back a couple of former brewery owners, one of whom is the former head brewer at the time of their bankruptcy, Michael Zielinski.

The other is the brewer at a brewery called Brewhouse Brews, which is located in the same town as the company. 

The company is not saying when they will start brewing or what will happen with the current brewery, but they have an interesting announcement to make about that. 

It is rumored that the company is going to build a facility in the state of Michigan to brew the beer.

It is also rumored that they plan to open a taproom in Michigan sometime in 2018 to serve their customers. 

For now, the brewery is focusing on their current taproom, which will be the brewery’s new home. 

Optimization says they will open a brewery in the middle of 2018, and will start using a facility to brew in.

The first brew they brew there will be in 2020. 

 We will continue to update you on this developing story as more information comes to light. 

You can watch a video about the brewing plans and the announcement above.

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